Where movement meets magic for happy, healthy kids!

Welcome to Pilatots, the new children’s Pilates concept class. Guided by certified Pilates instructors who are experts in making fitness fun, Pilatots is where your little ones can unlock their inner magic while building strong bodies, happy minds and beautiful memories using the ABC’s of Pilates at our core – Alignment, Breath & Centring.

Our imaginative classes are designed to captivate young adventurers and inspire them to be active, coordinated, and confident. Our Pilatots Pilates concept classes create whimsical wonderlands tailored exclusively for children aged between 2-4 year olds and 5-7 year olds.

At Pilatots, every class is an enchanting blend of storytelling, games, creative exercises, and Pilates-based movements. We artfully intertwine the magic of Pilates into the lives of children, guiding them on a mesmerising journey of discovery to build strength, balance, mindfulness.

Join us for a magical journey with Pilatots classes! Through captivating storytelling, we ignite children’s imaginations, synchronise their breathing patters and harmonise their bodies bringing stories to life. Igniting a lifelong passion for health and vitality.


Pilatots is where your little ones can unlock their inner magic while building strong bodies and happy minds, while learning the ABC’s of Pilates.

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    Our Founder & Creator

    Pilatots founders and creator Nazanin Idelji started her Pilates journey after suffering from severe back pain for most of her teenage years. Starting Pilates in her late 20’s she realised through the mentoring of an incredible teacher the physical and mental benefits of Pilates. She went onto to train to become a certified Pilates instructor with Body Control. From teaching private clients, Nazanin was asked to work with clients’ children and began formulating what Pilatots is today. She then trained to gain her specialist qualifications in teaching children and adolescents. She is truly passionate about helping the next generation to understand the power of the body and mind in creating well rounded, healthy adults.

    “I wish I had started Pilates as a child, it truly makes a huge difference to children’s physical and mental well being and also introduces them to lifetime of healthy habits”.

    Nazanin Idelji